Welcome to Wild Bowls

Açaí Bowls, Lunch Bowls, Smoothies & much more


Wild Bowls is Switzerland’s first plant based superfood bar/café specializing in serving delicious and healthy Açaí & Smoothie Bowls, Lunch Bowls, Porridge Bowls, Smoothies and much more. With Wild Bowls, we want to share our love and passion for natural, wholesome and delicious plant-based food that is not only beneficial for your body but also casts a vote for a better world at large. We strive to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle because we are convinced that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the foundation for a long, happy and vital life. We want to spread good vibes wherever we go and probably most of all, we are here to serve you the tastiest, wildest and most nutritious bowls so we can see more happy and healthy people that are energetic and full of life - one bowl at a time.
It's beyond healthy, it's a lifestyle!