Our Menu

Our food philosophy

We believe that everyone should have easy access to natural, wholesome, uncompromised and honest food. We know how much quality and clean and pure ingredients matter to you. That’s why we use mostly local, seasonal and organic ingredients. To spice things up, we love to squeeze in some superfoods such as kale, spirulina or hempseeds. Our recipes are formulated to deliver maximum nutritional value and give you peace of mind with every bite.
Our certified organic and wild grown Açaí is the star of our menu. We pride ourselves to serve the best tasting, healthiest and most authentic Açaí Bowls in Switzerland. We freshly handcraft our thick and creamy Açaí blend everyday inhouse by using only the best quality Açaí purée and organic & fairtrade bananas. We don’t add water, juice or any other liquids to it – it’s only whole fruits. We also don’t use any highly processed foods, no refined sugar, preservatives, additives or any other unpronounceable ingredients – once you learned how to pronounce Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) you’ll be just fine.

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