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Miso Crunch Salad

Summer Edition

Acai Bowls

Vegan Pancakes

Mexican Bowl

Beast Mode Smoothie

Packed with over 26g of Protein

Poke Bowl

Smashed Avo Toast

Tropical Cloud Smoothie

A little taste of Summer

Oriental Falafel Bowl

Summer Edition

Berry Wild Smoothie

Loaded with Antioxidants

New Combo Deal

Power Dahl Soup & Smashed Avo Toast

No-Tella Banana Toast

Porridge Bowls

Make Your Own

Our Philosophy

Wild Bowls stands for wholesome, healthy and delicious bowls that will delight your taste buds and nourish your body. Our dishes are carefully crafted with the finest macro and micro nutrients to support your well-being and health. We prioritise the use of purely plant-based, natural and unrefined ingredients. We focus on organic and local produce to benefit both your body and the environment. You won’t find refined sugar or harmful additives in our products.

Explore our menu boasting a diverse range of hearty Bowls, nutrient-packed Salads and Toasts, savory Soups, refreshing Açaí and  Smoothie Bowls, superfood-loaded Smoothies, organic Coffee and more. Let’s bowl!

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