Our Concept

Our Mission

With Wild Bowls, we want to share our love and passion for natural, wholesome and delicious plant based food that is not only beneficial for your body but also casts a vote for a better world at large. We strive to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle because we are convinced that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the foundation for a long, happy and vital life. We want to spread good vibes wherever we go and probably most of all, we are here to serve you the tastiest, wildest and most nutritious bowls so we can see more happy and healthy people that are energetic and full of life – one bowl at a time.


Our promise

Rather than simply calling it healthy, our promise is that our food must leave you actually feeling better than when you started. A nutritious breakfast, a balanced lunch or a quick and healthy snack – our food will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, light but still full and ready to take on the day as opposed to the well-known feeling of tiredness that often sets in after a meal. Our recipes are formulated to deliver maximum nutritional value to help you thrive.

Our engagement

From sourcing wild grown Açaí berries which protects the rainforest from deforestation, to mostly sourcing organic produce from local farmers, to using 100% biodegradable packaging only and of course by offering an entirely plant-based menu, we strive to implement a sustainable business model and minimize our earthly impact wherever we can. We are not perfect but we really care about the preservation of our beautiful environment and we are committed to introduce new environmental initiatives and strategies to further reduce our footprint.

Meet the founders

Dennis Wild
As a former up-and-coming professional ice hockey player, Dennis paid great importance to a healthy diet from an early age on. He discovered that a healthy, wholesome and a plant dominant diet can make an enormous difference not only when playing sports, but also in everyday life. He got to know Açaí Bowls on a surf trip to Hawaii. It was love at first bite – the perfect, delicious and refreshing meal before or after a surf session – it fills you up, does not weigh you down, and gives you the energy and nutrition you need to flourish. With a business degree in marketing and management and several years of valuable working experience at renowned international companies, his goal is to grow Wild Bowls to an international recognized brand and to provide more and more people easier access to real healthy, natural and uncompromised food.

Fernando Leonhardt
Fernando (aka El Patron) was born in the USA, has Guatemalan roots and is an avid motocross racer. As a passionate cook, restaurant and hotel manager with over ten years of experience in fine dining, it has long been Fernando’s goal to one day build a healthy and sustainable restaurant concept that is shaped by his experience and skills as a chef. A place where he would like to eat every day. With Wild Bowls he can now fulfill his purpose. His main goal is to positively influence the lives of thousands of people with his innovative, tasty and healthy recipes.

What is Açaí?

Açaí is a bright purple berry that grows wild on over 6.1 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest and is one of the most abundant naturally occurring food in the world. Açaí is renowned for its high concentration of antioxidants, heart-healthy omega fatty acids and energy benefitting properties. The berry has become a key ingredient to the success of many of the world’s greatest athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Acai & sustainability
Hand harvested by thousands of local families in the rich swamplands of the Amazon, wild Açaí agroforestry is a lifeline that creates economic and environmental benefit, providing incomes for thousands of Brazilians and keeping massive areas of the Amazonian rainforest standing.
By eating our organic certified and wild grown açaí, you automatically help protecting the rainforest.